Exploring Red Pine Lake

by Terry Carr
(Minden, ON)

Red Pine Lake Haliburton

Red Pine Lake Haliburton

Red Pine Lake Haliburton Red Pine Lake Haliburton Red Pine Lake Haliburton Red Pine Lake Haliburton

With over 600 lakes in Haliburton County, there are not a lot I haven't been to yet, but Red Pine Lake was one!

As a water-access only lake, the opportunity to see the lake is limited, so Christine and I loaded up our canoe recently and off we went.

North West of Kennisis Lake, it took 40 minutes from West Guilford by car, with the road ending at a boat launch at the dam between Kennisis Lake and the river.

Lots of room for parking as there are several water-access cottages on the lake.

We met a lady at the dock who said the lake has a fabulous sand beach for swimming, so we hoped to discover it!

The river was surprising - there were several areas that were narrow and shallow, lots of driftwood, and you could see the bass swimming under the canoe.

But there were also lots of quite wide spots with very deep water. The river was quite calm, so it was easy paddling.

Once in a while we headed close to shore as weekend cottagers passed in their boats, heading home for the week.

There is a sand bar as you get close to the lake which prevents boat travel in early spring and late fall, but the water is higher now and we had no problem.

Arriving at the lake, we were taken back by how large the lake is.

There are several small islands, a lot of beautiful rock outcroppings and downright stunning.

By the time we got up the river, our time was running low (we should have left way earlier in the day!), so we headed for an island, rolled up our pants and enjoyed the water.

It was so relaxing it was very hard to leave!

Red Pine Lake is one of several hidden gems in the Haliburton County....we are so lucky to have such fabulous lakes that provide the best canoeing and kayaking one could ask for.

We didn't make it around the lake, it was too large, we were too tired, and the day was running short, but have vowed to make a full day of it.

There are a few campsites on the lake for the public - as long as you purchase a permit, and we may attempt an overnight stay so we can find the beach and explore all the nooks and crannies the lake has to offer!

I found out today from a colleague that the beach is on the far side, where most of the cottages are located so next time we bring our bathing suits!!

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