The Cottage Ownership Guides

The KEY STEPS, Issues and Strategies You Should Know (That Most Families DO NOT) To Help You Find and Buy Your Cottage or Waterfront Home.

This series and the accompanying reports answers top questions, shares insider knowledge and answers other questions you may have never thought of.

Hi, I'm Peter at Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty and owner of these websites.

My goal for The Cottage Guides is to provide your family with the best inside information about the Ontario cottage and waterfront real estate market than you will find anywhere else...PERIOD!

Is Your Goal to Find Your Cottage This Year?

Prior to you spending hundreds of thousands or even over a million dollars on a property, these videos and reports answer the most typical questions and others you may not have realized about the real estate industry.

Part #1- The Key Elements to Finding Your Property

Starting your search and the key steps you should take

There are ways that most people search the market. After watching this you will understand that there is a much more powerful way.

When an amazing new property hits the market you can move forward with certainty by understanding more about our waterfront real estate market.

Inside You Will Discover:

  • Items You Should Be Aware of Beginning Your Search

  • How Waterfront is Not The Same as Buying in the City

  • How To Utilize the Most Powerful Search System Possible

How taking a few simple steps can dramatically increase your odds of finding the very best cottage or home for your family.

Part #2- Knowing Your Numbers

Key Points: Understanding Values and Pricing and
Understanding Who Is Working For Your Family

How the Asking Price of Waterfront Properties Determined?

The Key factors you should know that sets the market value of properties and this is not the asking price.

Inside You Will Discover:

  • An Example of How Someone Lost an Amazing Cottage

  • What to Understand About The Asking Price of Properties

  • How to Work With Agents to Gain Your Families BEST ADVANTAGE

Learn and understand more about real estate contracts, purchase conditions for waterfront to protect your family and your due-diligence on waterfront cottages and homes.

Part #3- Understanding Contracts and Finding Your Property

KEY POINTS: How Buyer Search Systems Work and
The Most POWERFUL WAY to Search and Find Your Cottage.

Inside You Will Discover:

  • A VERY EXPENSIVE Surprise You MUST Avoid

  • Learn About the VERY BEST SEARCH System to find your property

  • A Secret Some Brokerages Do Not Want Sellers to Know

This one may take a second between the lines! The real estate industry has marketing systems that can expose a listing to the highest number of Buyers but only if Brokerages decide to do this.

Part #4- Final Video- Moving Forward into The Spring Market

KEY POINTS: Summary of Top Tips! Our Private Waterfront Information Guide Covering Ontario!

This final video will share how I am going way beyond any other waterfront information program that has ever been created!

Inside You Will Discover:

  • A Review and Summary of Top Strategies Moving Into the Spring Market

  • The TOP QUESTIONS to Ask Realtor's®

  • Getting Your Family To An Amazing Property... First

If your goal is to get your family your escape on the water...

I want this year to be the one when you learn more about our waterfront real estate market .

Honestly, there are quite a few people out there who can help you buy or sell a property but no one can provide you with guidance on other locations that they are not familiar with!

If You are Serious and Ready to Search This Final Video is One You Don't Want to Miss.

How Many Ways Could This Series Help Your Family?

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