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Each area is setup similar to this mini-section. This is the first page and basic form for Buyer Leads

Upon Joining The Following Steps Need to Be Completed:

  • Your Home Page- You need to write an original article about your area of at least 500 words, the more the better. After joining, we will have a discussion about the main keywords for ranking you want. This MUST BE A NEW AND ORIGINAL ARTICLE and cannot be a duplicate from your existing site or any exceptions.

  • Your Photos- Just area photos that you like, they must be taken by you and you must have the rights to them. These are not property photos, these are the scenic photos of your area. All will be taken and put into a slide show or distributed through your home page.

  • Your Lead Pages-Upon your home page being designed and built, the Seller and Buyer lead pages (Buyer Program and Sales Program links on the right hand column) will be redesigned and the forms linked to your e-mail.

  • Final Point-There will be modification to the program. .

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Here we go...starting the launch. What would you like to know?

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