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We all live the story, every day fighting and searching for new leads and property listings. Competition is breathing down our necks, vying for the same leads as we/you are.

This industry is constantly under pressure and changing...new agents, private sales, marketing strategies, social media and your under constant pressure to keep up and at the same time set your self apart from the competition.

Please take a few moments and read this mini site thoroughly and consider what is being shared with you.

Only a few are being presented this and I hope you will consider this joining in this limited opportunity.

So what's going on?

I'm Peter Rollings and I need to share this quick story with you...

For the past several years I have studied internet marketing systems, coding, web design and ultimately built this website and lead generation system.

You will note the domain is ontario-waterfront-cottages.com and will be transferred over the winter to thecottageclub.com.

I doubt very much there is another individually owned real estate site that generates 5000 visitors a month like this one does...it is has improved over 2,500,000 spots in global ranking.

It's only just beginning.

Out of Over 1 Billion Sites-Sept/11/14

Rather than just create another website, over the past year I went searching outside the real estate industry.

I wanted learn what others are doing... the internet and marketing professionals or the internet gurus...the folks that:

  • make millions on products online

  • start with a very small basic internet site.

  • write amazing articles (the key is copy writing)

  • scale by mass growing their database and e-mail lists.

  • create amazing and massive product launches

These successful "guru's" offer amazing value for everyone even through free information they provide.

I needed to learn more...so I took
the plunge and joined a coaching program.

This guy, my coach, is an extremely successful internet marketer having created two $25,000,0000 companies from his programs and the systems he uses.

One of the eye opening and amazing things is how they do this.

Creating a simple, repeatable system they can scale and continues to run generating leads and income for years.

The systems are so far removed from a typical real estate website or lead generation model (like the flashing arrows sites) its not even close.

The models, used outside the real estate industry, are designed specifically to increase contacts.

It's a system, a simple eloquently designed program.

The Formula is the Funnel!

You have all heard of Tony Robbins, his system is the same. His funnel includes videos, books and low cost items to get people to his next step, visiting one of his seminars.

The JV Marketing System

These pages of the JV Marketing Program and this mini-site is similar to what will be created for the partners sections within the main site. At this time ontario-waterfront-cottages and soon to be thecottageclub.com.

Site partners gain exclusivity in the region and at the same time others create value through a continuously growing real estate resource center.

TheCottageClub Funnel System (the start)

  • JV partners gain a location/section of the site

  • Exclusive site property listing program for region

  • Automating systems for increased and continuous exposure

  • Expanded marketing utilizing different strategies

  • Product creation for value added features (to be explained later)

The two JV marketing sections are to be created in each area. The first being cottages, upon the cottage systems beginning established the second section is luxury listings.

The Key is...There is Only One Category
Spot Available for Partnership For Each Area.

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Here we go...starting the launch. What would you like to know?

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