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Spring is coming. Get your property in front of the MOST buyers possible...

Not only the MLS® system...gain additional exposure of...

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Built by Normerica Timber Frame Homes Luxury Waterfront

Marketing is MORE than putting your property on the MLS® System

Today, The IDX, The DDF Systems and listing syndication systems expose your property to the most number of buyers


WHY? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

This is only business and real estate services website offering expertise in marketing and referral systems across Ontario.

Working together through these alliances, we combine our numerous resources to for marketing your cottage, waterfront home or lands.

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Since 2008 and across Ontario, families visiting this site have signed up searching for thier cottage property, waterfront home or luxury property.

At this time this site enjoys thousands of visitors a month. There are hundreds of agents with thier own strategy for marketing listings. Very few have marketing systems designed for buyers like we do.

The Types of Buyers

Searching for a Purchase Soon - These folks are actively searching the MLS® system, the papers, any cottage site they can find. They are typically trying to figure out the best lakes, properties and pricing.

They are in the research and planning stage and will be buying in a year to two.

The ACTIVE BUYERS These are the families that are ready to buy. They are searching the market everyday and they have someone watching the market for them. They perhaps have been to visit properties in an area and are waiting for new listings.

These are the buyers that have taken a pro-active approach and have someone working for them right now. They know as soon as every new listing comes to market and are ready to act in a moments notice.

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