Ontario Lakes, they are not all created equal!

Ontario Lakes and/or River choice for your cottage or waterfront purchase

As You Search to Buy a Cottage you may expand your territory to find a wider variety of properties that you like. Consider not only the area but research the lake also.

Larger lakes have more boat traffic and are much busier in the summer. If you enjoy boating, fishing and water sports a smaller lake may not fulfill your family needs.

Lake quality is determined by age, size and a variety of other factors. Lakes are classified by description based on their age and the amount of nutrients. Over time sediment from the surrounding land and watershed fills in the lake bottom.

This sediment, rich in nutrients, increases the fertility of the lake. Scientists refer to this as the trophic states of the lake.

A shallower lake that is rich in nutrients can have a thriving fish population but can also result in weed growth.

Human activities can also have a dramatic affect on a lake, manicured lawns, septic systems and local agriculture increase the level of nutrients that can accelerate the aging process and even cause major problems such as algae blooms.

Do some research into the lake you are thinking about buying a cottage on. There are numerous ways to do this research including though the internet, topographic maps, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation Authorities.

Don't forget to visit the local municipal office and get some first hand information. See if a copy of the official plan is on the internet and if there are proposed changes that may affect your purchasing decisions.

Check with locals, at the store, fishing tackle shop...there is a wealth of information here.

If you are considering buying a cottage in the winter, spring or fall keep in mind all of the above conditions. Peak summer can have a dramatic effect on the lake, privacy and traffic.

Ontario Lakes-Ontario Cottage- Home

Ontario Lakes, 250,000 lakes and rivers to explore! These are only a few of the major tourist and cottage lakes 10's of thousands more!

Ontario Lakes in the Rideau Canal & Area

Indian Head Charleston Lake- Can You See the Face?

Adam Lake
Big Rideau Lake
Charleston Lake
Christie lake
Clear Lake
Cranberry Lake
Crosby Lake
Dog lake
Gananoque Lake
Loughborough Lake
Lower Beverley
Mill Pond Conservation Area
Newboro Lake
Opinicon Lake
Upper Rideau Lake
Otter Lake
Otty Lake
Sand Lake
Troy Lake
The Rideau River
Upper Rideau Lake
Westport Sand Lake
Whitefish Lake
Loon lake

Rideau and Area Cottages For Sale

Algoma & Sudbury Lakes

Axe Lake
Bass Lake or
also called Thurston Lake
Bear Lake
Big Basswood
BigFour Lake
Birch Lake
Carlyle Lake
Chippewa River
Echo Lake
Fairbank Lake
Geneva Lake
Johnnie Lake
Keefer Lake
Kukagami Lake
Lake Apsey
Lake Huron
Lake Panache
Lake Superior
Lake Wanapitei
Long Lake
Lower Island Lake
McCarrel Lake
Nepewassi Lake
Nighthawk Lake
Quirke Lake
St. Mary's River
Trout Lake
Tyson Lake

Ontario Lakes in the Almaguin Highlands

Ahmic Lake
Bartlett/Rainy Lake
Bay lake
Bear Lake
Beaver/ Neighick lake
Big Clam Lake
Commanda Lake
Crawford Lake
Deer Lake
Doe Lake
Eagle Lake
Foote Lake
Grass Lake
Himbury (Rock) Lake
Hughes Lake
Lake Bernard
Lake Cecebe
Lake Restoule
Le Grou Lake
Little Clam Lake
Loon Lake
Lynx Lake
McQuaby Lake
Newell Lake
North Tea Lake
Pickerel Lake
Ruth Lake
Sand Lake
Three Mile Lake

Ontario Lakes in the Bancroft area

Baptiste Lake

Baptiste Lake
Bark Lake
Carfrae Lake
Coe Island Lake
Colbourne Lake
Cross Lake
Diamond Lake
Dickey Lake
Elephant Lake
Glanmire Lake
Graphite Lake
Gunter Lake
Hay Lake
Jeffrey Lake
Kamaniskeg Lake
Lake St. Peter
Mayo Lake
McCauley Lake
McKenzie Lake
Monck Lake
Papineau lake
Paudash Lake
Purdy Lake
Siddon Lake
Steenburg Lake
Trout Lake
Wadsworth Lake
West Mullet Lake

Banrcoft and Area Cottages for Sale

Ontario Lakes in the Bruce Peninsula

Barrow Bay
Belwood lake
Berford Lake
Chesley Lake
Georgian Bay West
Lake Huron - Bradley Harbour
Lake Huron - Oliphant
Lake Huron Pike Bay
Lake Huron, Pine Tree Harbour
Larry's Lake
Miller Lake

Ontario Lakes in Eastern Lake Erie

Eastern Lake Erie - Nanticoke to Port Maitland
Long Point, Lake Erie
Port Ryerse, Lake Erie

French River & Lake Nipissing

Callander Bay
French River
Lake Nipissing
Trout Lake

Georgian Bay South

Farlain Lake
Galla Lake
Gloucester Pool
Go Home Lake
Lake Isabella
Lover's Bay
MacLean lake
Palisade Bay
Sawlog Bay, Georgian Bay
Sunset Bay, Georgian Bay
Trent River
Twelve Mile Bay

Ontario Lakes in Haliburton

Allen Lake
Bat Lake
Bear Lake
Beech Lake
Benoir Lake
Big Hawk Lake
Bitter Lake
Blue Hawk Lake
Bob Lake
Boshkung Lake
Bushwolf Lake
Canning Lake
Clement Lake
Contau Lake
Cope Lake
Cranberry Lake
Drag Lake
Eagle Lake
Esson Lake
Fletcher Lake
Glamor Lake
Gull Lake
Haliburton Lake
Halls Lake
Herb Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Kabakwa Lake
Kawagama Lake
Kennisis Lake
Kushog Lake
Lake Kashagawigamog
Little Bob Lake
Little Glamour Lake
Little Hawk Lake
Little Redstone Lake
Long Lake
Lorraine Lake
Maple Lake
Minnicock Lake
Miskwabi Lake
Monrock Lake
Moore Lake
Moose Lake
Mountain Lake
North Pigeon Lake
Otter Lake
Pelaw lake
Pigeon Lake
Red Pine Lake
Redstone Lake
Salerno Lake
Saskatchewan Lake
Skin Lake (Lower Fletcher Lake)
South Bay
South Lake
St. Nora Lake
Stormy Lake
Wolf Lake
Wren Lake
Haliburton Highlands

The Haliburton cottage and waterfront real estate market attracts cottage and home Buyers from a wide range of budgets.

From the smallest starter cottages to the luxury waterfront homes market - there is something for everyone!

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Kawartha Lakes

4 Mile Lake
Anstruther Lake
Bald Lake Narrows
Bald Lakes (Little and Big)
Balsam Lake
Bass Lake
Belmont Lake
Big Cedar Lake
Buckhorn Lake
Burnt River
Cameron Lake
Canal Lake
Chandos Lake
Chemong Lake
Clydesdale Lake
Cordova Lake
Crowe Lake
Crystal Lake
Eels Lake
Gold Lake
Greens Lake
Gull river
Head Lake
Jack Lake
Lake Catchacoma
Lake Dalrymple
Lake Kasshabog
Lake Mitchell
Lake Simcoe
Little Silver Lake
Lower Buckhorn
Methuen Lake
Picard Lake
Pigeon Lake
Sandy Lake
Shadow Lake
Stoney Lake
Sturgeon Lake
Tallan Lake
White Lake
White Lake (Used to be Dummer Lake)
Wolf Lake

Lake Huron

Canoe Lake
Lake Conestogo
Old Mouth Lake

Lake Scugog & Rice Lake

Lake Scugog
Oak Lake
Rice Lake

Lake Simcoe & Lake Couchiching

Bass Lake
Lake Couchiching
Lake St. John

Lake St. Clair & Western Lake Erie"

Pelee Island, Lake Erie

Ontario Lakes in the Land O' Lakes

Palmerston Lake
Ashby Lake
Beaver Lake
Big Clear Lake
Big Gull Lake
Black Lake
Bob's Lake
Bolton Lakes
Brule Lake
Buck Lake
Bull Lake
Chippego Lake
Cole Lake
Cronk Lake
Devil Lake
Elbow Lake (Parham)
Grindstone Lake
Hambly Lake
Kashwakamak Lake
Kennebec lake
Little Mississagagon
Mackie Lake
Mazinaw Lake
Mississagagon Lake
Palmerston Lake
Sand Lake
Shabomeka Lake
Sharbot Lake
Shawenegog Lake
Silver Lake
Skootamatta Lake
Sydenham Lake
White Lake
Wolfe Lake

The Muskoka's Ontario Lakes

Bass Lake
Bella Lake
Bigwind Lake
Black Lake
Brandy Lake
Buck Lake
Butterfly Lake
Camel Lake
Clear Lake
Clear Lake - Seguin Township
Clear Lake - Torrance
Clear Lake
Dark Lake
Fairy Lake
Fox Lake
Gibson Lake
Grandview Lake
Haggart Lake
Healey lake
High Lake
Kapikog Lake
Lake Joseph
Lake Muskoka
Lake of Bays
Lake Rosseau
Lake Vernon
Leech Lake
Leonard Lake
Little Whitefish Lake
Long Lake
Long Line Lake
Long's Lake
Mary Lake
McKay Lake
Moon River
Moot Lake
Morrison Lake
Muldrew Lake
Myers Lake
North Muskoka River
Oxbow Lake
Peninsula Lake
Ril Lake
Riley Lake
Saw Lake
Severn River
Six Mile Lake
Skeleton Lake
Sparrow Lake
Stewart Lake
Three Mile
Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake
Whitefish Lake
Wood Lake

Ontario Lakes in the North Channel & Manitoulin Island

Elizabeth Bay
Ice Lake
Lake Kagawong
Lake ManitouLake Manitouo
Otter lake

Ontario Lakes North of Superior

Dog Lake
Hawkeye Lake
Kabenung Lake
Lake Lenore
Lake Shebandowan
Loon Lake
Oliver Lake
One Island Lake
Picnic Lake
White Lake
Wildgoose Lake

Ontario Lakes in Parry Sound Central

Armstrong Lake
Bay Lake
Buck Lake
Collins Bay (Off of Parry Sound)
Crane Lake
Debois Lake
Deep Bay
Deer River
Diamond Lake
Duck Lake
Duck Lake/Litte Sequin
Five Mile Bay
Forget Lake
Gooseneck Lake
Grass Lake
Harris Lake
Harris Lake - Lower
Horseshoe Lake
Lake Isabella
Lake Manitouwabing
Lake Memesagamesing
Limestone Lake
Little brown's Lake
Long Lake
Lorimer Lake
Maple Lake
Mill Lake
Murdock Lake
Naiscoot Lake
Oastler Lake
Otter Lake
Pickerel River
Rankin Lake
Sand Bay
Shebeshekong Lake
Silver Lake
Silver/Bell's Lake
Skerryvore on Georgian Bay
South Magnetewan
Star Lake
Sturgeon Bay, Pointe au Baril
Taylor Lake
Three Legged Lake
Trout Lake
Vowels Lake
Wahwashkesh Lake
Whalley Lake
Whitestone Lake
Windfall Lake

Lakes in Prince Edward County & Eastern Lake Ontario

Hay Bay - Lake Ontario
North Channel
Smith's Bay, Lake Ontario
Thirteen Island Lake
Varty Lake

Ontario Lakes in Timiskaming & Temagami

Cross Lake
Hartle Lake
Lac Caché Lake
Lady Evelyn Lake
Lake Chebogomog
Lake Nosbonsing
Lake Temiskaming
Long Lake
Remi Lake
Talon Lake
Trout Lake
Watabeag Lake

Upper Ottawa Valley Ontario Lakes

Bonnechere River
Carson Lake
Centennial Lake
Clear Lake
Kamaniskeg Lake
Lake Charlotte
Lake Dore
Long Lake
Lorwell Lake
Lyndoch Lake
Norway Lake
Ottawa River
Paugh Lake
Round Lake
Golden Lake
Stephson Lake
Taylor Lake
White Lake
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