Fractional Ownership Cottages The Legal System of Quarter Share Ownership

This program is designed very similar to friends and family owning a property.

This Part Required a HUGE Investment!

Hiring one of the most experienced lawyers (who has since retired) in Ontario to design the system and legal work. He created one of the first fractional's in Ontario and was an advisor to most.

Then using the experience of international lawyers that specialize in fractional ownership, elite destination clubs and private residence clubs worldwide.

These agreements are based on years of research and globally successful projects. These global companies typically cater to a very high end and sometimes exclusive ownership market.

Included in the Legal Agreements:
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • Co-Ownership Agreement

  • Occupancy Schedule

  • Property Budget

  • Service Agreements

Other associated documents as required. Finally, all documents and agreements reviewed by our law firm in Ottawa.

In other words, the agreements for every property, will be the very best possible!

Designed Simple, Comprehensive and Effective

Peter Rollings, Broker, Cottages and Waterfront homes


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3276 Macdonald Island Road Big Rideau Lake

1000 ISLANDS/ St. Lawrence River
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1473 Shore Road Kingston

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