Ownership Equally

We bring unrelated families together to co-own a cottage property, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own, for decades.

But, if you've ever tried to find a group of friends that are ready, willing and able to buy a property that you can all agree upon, then you probably know it is virtually impossible. So, we do it all for you.

We do all the work, finding like-minded parties, with the same desire to own a select cottage.

Owners rotate their usage every week forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property every 4 weeks, except in the summer when it changes to two weeks of use for every family.

Owners can swap weeks to best fit their schedules or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

Our company takes care of all the details, starting with the most comprehensive legal document package, creating the Cottage Owners' Association and Rules & Regulations.

We manage the operations of the property, provide ongoing property management, reservation services, exchange services, comprehensive maintenance, bill paying and the bookkeeping.

With our program, you'll have no second home ownership worries, while enjoying all the benefits, affordable, practical and convenient cottage ownership for your family.

Quarter Share Cottage Ownership

Peter Rollings, Broker, Cottages and Waterfront homes


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3276 Macdonald Island Road Big Rideau Lake

1000 ISLANDS/ St. Lawrence River
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1473 Shore Road Kingston

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