Fractional Cottages

Have You Dreamed of Owning Your Own Cottage But the Dream is no Longer Practical or Affordable?

Canadian Waters Vacations Inc. offers shared ownership of existing waterfront properties. These cottages are true lakefront properties, not in a resort style development but a standalone existing cottage.

Not created as a mini share ownerhip, the minimum ownership is 10 weeks of use a year, two weeks every time you go the cottage.

  • We take all the best parts about owning a cottage and remove the maintenance and high expenses. Unlike any program on the market, we offer properties as unique as the lakes and areas.

    Grab your opportunity to own a share of a true cottage, the way going to the cottage should be!

    The property belongs to you and your family, to be shared with other co-owners in an equal and enjoyable arrangement...your property, forever.
    The majority of costs are covered by the other co-owners allowing you to own a superior property for only a share of the up front costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.
    Not a floating ownership in a series of look-alike properties, but a share in a single family existing waterfront property that you truly own.
    These properites are all over Ontario, right beside the water ready for your family to enjoy.