Site Survey- Help is Needed

Hi, Peter here and I need your help!

I was hoping you can help me by taking a few moments to fill out the site survey. This site began as a hobby and now has grown to receiving over 500 visitors a day. So, before I add any more sections or pages I would like to concentrate my efforts where you, as my visitor, would like to see improvements, repairs and fixes to the site.

Or perhaps you would be kind enough to show me them darn bugs and problems. I know there are a few including ahem...poorly worded pages!

Something about this site you may not know. This site will continually expand over the next few years and can literally grow to tens of thousands of pages!

Also, I would love to have you as a contributor to the site to improve and share cottage and waterfront information for everyone!

My Thanks in Advance for Your Time!


What is your name? Yes I want to know who you are because I care about you and your family. You are not a nobody and I am NOT a faceless corporation.
Site Help Survey
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What do you need help with? What frustrates you the most right now?
What's the ideal outcome or result that you'd like to achieve?
What would achieving that outcome or result do for your family?
I once had MANY concerns about working with Agents when buying or selling Real Estate. What are your main concerns right now?
The Fun Question: What do you dream of one day accomplishing? What does the dream lifestyle look like for you?

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