Peter Rollings

Peter Rollings began his real estate career in the Brockville and Thousand Islands region in 2008.

Locally, from first time buyers to families looking for their dream waterfront property anywhwere across Ontario.

Peter realized right away that the internet was going to be huge factor for buyers and sellers.

He studied expanding his marketing reach through learning internet strategies, SEO and advanced marketing strategies that are not common in real estate.

Always remaining consistent, to provide outstanding and professional service.

Several years ago, Peter created a unique business marketing system for families saerching for waterfront in Ontario.

This site enjoys thousands of visitors every month. These families are searching for information about waterfront and is impoving and growing all the time.

But, This is not about Peter...

This is about YOU...

And Your Dreams, Goals and Ambitions...

So what does this mean...

For several years Peter has studied online marketing strategies. This includes 'gurus' that make their living, in fact millions, off the internet.

These new online systems are rolling out in 2016.

These systems combine the power of:

  • Social Media
  • Information Courses and Series
  • The Creation of Products for Consumers
  • Joint Venture Marketing and Alliances
Peter is going beyond what any other real estate agent offers.

In fact in some systems, he shares information that many do not want you to know...
Get into one of his groups to find out more.

For more information contact Peter anytime

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