Fractional Cottage Financing

Quarter Share Mortgage Program

247 Island View- Mortgage Program

A Breakthrough Financing Program

Based on the ownership system model created, we can now offer a mortgage program for individual ownership interests.

The Problem with the Banks

If you are able to find a group of friends and family that want to share a cottage and you begin searching for mortgage financing there is a problem.

The banks want everyone to qualify for the entire mortgage

Meaning, assuming you required a $300,000 shared mortgage on the property many may not qualify. If you do, the banks are securing it with $1,200,000 in total.

Our Mortgage Program

Through our exclusive program everyone qualifies for the individudal portion of the mortgage only. This means for a $300,000 mortgage, the qualification is for 1/4 of the mortgage or $75,000.

Affordable Cottage Ownership
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