Buy, Enjoy, Relax..

The Most Affordable TRUE Shared Cottage Ownership Program in Ontario.

Fractional Cottage Ownership

Explore This Program With Your Family If...

  • You Desire a Select Cottage Property: By sharing the costs ownership becomes dramatically more affordable and convenient.

  • Your Time: The convenience of the program will allow numerous holidays without the added pressure of property care.

  • Affordable: The majority of the expenses are covered by the other owners.

  • Comfort: Nothing to do except enjoy your holiday. All properties are fully and professionally furnished. Bring your personal effects and enjoy your holiday.

  • The Benefits: Save your money, family holidays opportunities, cottage swap and global exchange program.

The Concept is Simple!

Bringing families together into cottage co-ownership system, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own for decades.

If you've ever tried to find a group of friends that are willing and able to buy a vacation property that you can all agree upon, you probably know it is virtually impossible.

It's all Done For You.

All the work is completed for you, finding like-minded families, with the same desire to own a cottage. All owners receive a deeded interest in their property, with an equal right of possession.

This is Not a Timeshare, but Real Equitable Ownership!

Fractional Ownership on Big Rideau Lake

Families rotate their usage forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property, depending on the respective number of co-owners. Owners can swap weeks to best fit their schedules or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

All the details are taken care of, starting with the industry's most comprehensive legal document package and Rules & Regulations.

The operations of the property is fully managed with, comprehensive maintenance, bill paying and all bookkeeping taken care of.

You have no second home ownership worries, while enjoying all the benefits, at only a portion of the cost to you.

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