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Kawartha Lakes Waterfront Real Estate

4 Mile Lake
Anstruther Lake
Bald Lake Narrows
Bald Lakes (Little and Big)
Balsam Lake
Bass Lake
Belmont Lake
Big Cedar Lake
Buckhorn Lake
Burnt River
Cameron Lake
Canal Lake
Chandos Lake
Chemong Lake
Clydesdale Lake
Cordova Lake
Crowe Lake
Crystal Lake
Eels Lake
Gold Lake
Greens Lake
Gull river
Head Lake
Jack Lake
Lake Catchacoma
Lake Dalrymple
Lake Kasshabog
Lake Mitchell
Lake Simcoe
Little Silver Lake
Lower Buckhorn
Sandy Lake
Shadow Lake
Stoney Lake
Sturgeon Lake
Tallan Lake
White Lake
White Lake (Used to be Dummer Lake)
Wolf Lake

Finding Your Cottage Property

Kawartha Cottage Real Estate- Today's Kawartha waterfront real estate cottage and home prices may be a surprise for some of you. It is now nearly impossible to find a cheap cottage or even a cheap cottage holiday as even a basic rental can be priced over a thousand dollars a week.

From your home, a two to three hour radius search can result in hundreds of listings, lakes, waterfront homes, rustic cottages and cabins, luxurious cottages and Real Estate Agents.

In this program, you are connectred with someone that takes the time to understand your goals and the kind of property you are searching for.

We provide you with the latest tools and technology to make educated, informed and fast decisions in your cottage or waterfront home search and purchase.

"You will Know Immediately We
Provide the Highest Quality Service for You."

You gain more market knowledge and understanding of your choices cutting through the rest of the noise of the real estate market.

Our goal is for you to outshine another buyer including being the first with an offer, faster and cleaner closing- with superior negotiation strategies.

Save Time and Avoid Frustrations

You can spend hours or even days of time searching the internet, the papers and perhaps make disappointing calls or even visits regarding already sold properties.

You are delivered EVERY NEW KAWARTHA COTTAGE REAL ESTATE LISTING immediately as they come on the market.

"You Will Never Miss a Great New Property!"

You are always aware and on top of the market!

Who's on Your Side?

This is your Kawartha Real Estate greatest advantage getting the latest cottage for sale and waterfront home listings before another buyer does.

This is a powerful 100% free professional serviceand puts your family ahead of almost every other buyer as they continue to search the old fashioned way.

"This is So Simple"

You are provided one contact, a Buyer's Agent, they know the area, the lakes and the properties and they are working for you.

They know properties as they come on the market and perhaps have inside information on listings that are waiting to come to the market.

  • They are working for you (not the seller)

  • Offering you unbiased advice on pricing and properties

  • They are ready to run with you on a moment's notice

  • Streamlines your search and returns all your calls

You tell them your plans so they understand your needs and know to eliminate properties that do not fit or perhaps add an exceptional property your family may love.

Hear of Someone Getting a Great Deal?

You may search for Kawartha Cottage Real Estate and newspapers cottage for sale section everyday, however, print is weeks, months, and in some cases even a year behind.

Even the most powerful real estate search tool in Canada, Realtor.ca, is two days behind.

Your advantage using a dedicated buyer agent and using this technology gains your family:

  • Every new listing sent immediately to your e-mail

  • Days ahead of Realtor.ca and at least a week ahead of the local paper

  • Every single waterfront listing regardless of agent or brokerage.

  • Setup your e-mail to your smart phone to get new listings anywhere, anytime

You never miss that great new property regardless of where you are or what you're doing.

Remember it happens, sometimes sellers are motivated to list a cottage for sale to sell quick!

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