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Reserved for Your Cottage
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Cottage Rentals
Cottage Rentals
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Ontario Waterfront is dedicated to everything about our Ontario Cottage and waterfront. Not limiting this site to only rentals or sales, this will continually expand to include business and tourism directories catering to cottage and family vacations.

This page covers the Muskoka rentals and Muskoka vacation rentals on Bass Lake, Bella Lake, Bigwind Lake, Black Lake, Brandy Lake, Buck Lake, Butterfly Lake, Camel Lake, Clear Lake, Clear Lake - Seguin Township, Clear Lake - Torrance, Clear Lake, Dark Lake, Fairy Lake, Fox Lake, Gibson Lake, Grandview Lake, Haggart Lake, Healey lake, High Lake, Kahshe, Kapikog Lake, Lake Joseph, Lake Muskoka, Lake of Bays, Lake Rosseau, Lake Vernon, Leech Lake, Leonard Lake, Little Whitefish Lake, Long Lake, Long Line Lake, Long's Lake, Mary Lake, McKay Lake, Moon River, Moot Lake, Morrison Lake, Muldrew Lake, Myers Lake, North Muskoka River, Oxbow Lake, Peninsula Lake, Ril Lake, Riley Lake, Saw Lake, Severn River, Six Mile Lake, Skeleton Lake, Sparrow Lake, Stewart Lake, Three Mile, Turtle Lake, Turtle Lake , Whitefish Lake and Wood Lake.

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3276 MacDonald Island Road

3276 Macdonald Island Road Big Rideau Lake

1000 ISLANDS/ St. Lawrence River
1473 North Shore Road Kingston

1473 Shore Road Kingston

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