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The Cottage Country Business Guide
The Cottage Country Business Guide
The Cottage Country Guide
The Cottage Country Guide
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We are on a PUSH! To create Ontario's largest waterfront site and cottage and vacation services business directory!

Over the past year it has averaged over 170 visitors a day, peaking at nearly 600!

We are targeting 1000 a day by May of 2014!

This is without advertising and just natural web traffic looking for waterfront information and cottages.

500 businesses by December 31, 2013! If you serve cottage, waterfront home, luxury properties, or anything to do with vacations on our lakes....We Want You!

Gauranteed, never to increase forever annual listing rate of $99 per year.

That's it no more ever for any of the first 500 businesses! Ends New Years Eve 2013!

This is not a BABY Ad!

4 Photos of your business

Unlimited business description length, recommend at least 300 words, 500 is better.

Design the ad using keywords to allow faster indexing in the search engines.

YouTube Videos can be added

Link to your site and phone number contacts

Automatic blogging when your ad goes live

Client testimonial section (have clients write an excellent testimonial for your business)

Check out the site for a minute, you can see the traffic at the bottom left corner!

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day,

Welcome to the beginning of the regional business and tourism directories starting in the Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes area.

Cottages, homes, vacations and tourism services are all connected and the regional guides will include services catering to families living and visiting the area.

Unlike other sites and corporations that have multiple staff and some with millions in operating budgets, this site was created,owned and operated by myself on a shoestring and brings in thousands of visitors every month.

Some facts about this site:
  • Search Engine Indexing Every Single Page, Picture, Article and Business Listing is Indexed and Found by the Search Engines.

  • Every Business Listing gets four pictures, a full 1000 words of content, the ability to add YouTube videos and a link to your site

  • A Client Testimonial Section gain more from families that have enjoyed your services

  • Add Tourism or Business Articles and link to your business page on the site

Families and individuals are searching the internet everyday for information. PREsell YOUR services by OVERdelivering what they seek... the very best of content about your business!

**Note: Real Estate is Reserved Across Ontario
Business and Tourism Advertising
Beta Testing Stage
Package A
Regular Advertising
Example Listing
$99 Year
The Thousand Islands

  • 4 Photos/Business Card
  • Up to 1000 Words of Content
  • Contact Information and Website Link
  • Client Testimonial Section
Package B
Top of Category Photo Link
(Top Of Page)
One Year

  • Everything As Above
  • Main Category Photo Link to Business Page
  • YouTube Upload Ability
  • Professional Business Video
  • 5 Businesses Maximum in Category
Package C
Main Regional Category Photo Link
(Top of Page)
$499 Year
One Year

  • Everything As Above
  • Business Photo Linked to Your Page From Regional Category
  • 10 Businesses Per Region Maximum
Multiple Areas D
Package B
Purchase Required (Top of Page)
Contact for Discount Rate
One Year Required

  • Discount for 2 Locations
  • Discount for 5 Locations
  • Discount for Across Ontario
  • Reservations Are Accepted
Active Areas
Testing Systems
Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes
Reservations Are Accepted Across Ontario

Select Your Ontario Location
Active Areas Are Linked

  • Parry Sound and Area
  • Haliburton Highlands
  • Muskoka
  • Lake Erie
  • Sudbury and Area
  • Thunder Bay and Area
  • Sault Ste Marie
  • Wasaga and Collingwood

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