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In Ontario's cottage country, Crown Land is everywhere!

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources 87% of Ontario is still owned under these titles, some of this falls under the Federal Government.

This includes the land under our navigable lakes and rivers.

The Public Land Act legislation lays out the rules for the administration of these lands.

These lands can also be owned in the Federal, provincial or municipal level.

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The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for managing Ontario's land resources.

In the 1940's through the 1960's the economic boom and The Ministry of Natural Resources land management program opened up our waterfront lands for sale.

Thousands of acres were available and sold for both private and commercial interests. .

The major movement of this land for sale basically all came to a stop in the 70's over environmental and over development concerns. Permits were now required for roads, cabins, cottages and docks.

There was still pieces of land for sale until around the year 2000, these were lots that had remained unsold from the original severances.

So, at the time of writing, in February 2009, there are no Crown Lands actively for sale(confirmed through discussion with MNR representative)in Ontario.

The environmental protection and management role of the Ministry of Natural Resources continues to ensure the long term future of our outdoor resources.

All to often in Cottage Country, cottages build many years ago are not within the borders of the property and are encroaching on this land.

Owners are usually very unaware of this problem as they have used the property for generations.

Cottages that have encroached on these lands need to have this addressed by the Ministry of Natural Resources before a sale is completed.

If you find that your property falls into this category, call you lawyer and approach the local Ministry of Natural Resources office and find out how to proceed.

NOTE: This is not the same as a shore road allowance.

You need to consult your lawyer over any issues regarding an encroachment onto these lands

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