How This Works

Joining Families Together

The concept is very simple! We bring unrelated parties together to co-own a cottage, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own, for decades.

If you've ever tried to find a group of friends that are willing and able to buy a cottage property that you can all agree upon, you probably know it is virtually impossible.

So, we do it all for you.

We do all the work, finding like-minded parties, with the same desire to own a cottage. Each co-owner receives an deeded interest in their specific property, with an equal right of possession. Not a timeshare, but real ownership!

Owners rotate their usage forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property, depending on the respective number of co-owners. Owners can swap weeks or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

We take care of all the details, starting with comprehensive legal documents and the property with all rules and regulations. We continue to manage the property, provide ongoing property management, exchange services, comprehensive maintenance, bill paying and the bookkeeping. You'll have no ownership worries, while enjoying all the benefits, at a fraction of the cost to you.

The goal of this Program is to Dramatically Increase Your Vacation Opportunities.

Fractional real estate ownership is the intelligent way to own a cottage. The ultimate way to have the dream vacation home you've always wanted, right now. Why put your dream on hold, when you can enjoy the lifestyle and years of memories today?

With this fractional cottage program you can own a 1/5th interest in a select cottage for a fraction of the price of conventional ownership. Fractional ownership is the fastest growing segment of the real estate industry today. It is practical and convenient, with flexible usage, typically providing the amount of access you need and want.

This form of Ontario cottage property ownership provides virtually all the benefits of real estate ownership without all of the burdens and responsibilities that go along with it. Why pay for more than what you can and will typically use and enjoy?

How We Work- The Property Selection

On the best lakes and the best areas, the properties will follow this criteria:

  • Access: All properties must be easily accessible

  • Waterfront: What everyone loves, either deep water or clean waterfront

  • Property Condition: No major renovation projects, we improve but not rebuild!

    Property Due Diligence

    We complete extensive due-diligence on the property and lands and we encourage all our clients to take an active part in the process. This includes:

  • Inspections: Detailed report on the cottage

  • Septic: Inspection and environmental approval of the system

  • Survey: Real Property Report to ensure that no issues are found

  • Municipal: Ensure the building conforms to the local building codes

  • Improvements:Furnishings and budget for property improvements

  • Operating Budget: The costs to run the property

  • ...and this is only the start...
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