What the Heck is a Leaching Pit?

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Leaching pits and Grey water cottage waste.

This is called a class 2 system, where your kitchen, shower, laundry and basically just dirty water goes.

When looking at waterfront properties consider the information from the Ontario Building Code!
Do your research, ensure that the cottage, or waterfront lot fits your plans.

Sentence Application ,

(2) A Class 2 sewage system shall not be constructed where there is a supply of pressurized water.

CLASS 2 - LEACHING PIT This type of system can only be used for the disposal of greywater wastes, and water wastes which come from plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, showers, or laundry machines. Under the Ontario Building Code, this system can only be used if the daily greywater sewage flow is less than 1,000 litres per day.

The Ontario Building Code requires the following requirements must be met:
  • The bottom of the pit shall be at least 900 mm above the groundwater or bedrock

  • The pit shall be constructed in such a manner as to prevent the collapse of its side-walls

  • Any material used to form the side-walls of the pit shall be an open-jointed material of a type that will permit leaching from the pit

  • The pit shall be provided with a tight, strong cover that shall remain over the pit except when it is necessary to remove it for purposes of adding sewage to or removing sewage from the pit, or for purposes of maintenance of the pit

  • The earth around the perimeter of the pit shall be raised to a height of at least 150 mm above the surrounding ground level

  • The surface of the ground in the area of the pit shall be graded so that the surface drainage in the area will be diverted away from the pit

  • The pit shall be surrounded on all sides and on its bottom by at least 600 mm of soil having a percolation rate greater than 1 minute per centimeter, or less than 50 minutes per centimeter.


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