Water Well Inspections, don't overlook this before you buy!

Water Well Inspections should be included in the conditions in the Offer to Purchase regarding not only water tests but for the condition of the well.

The Ministry of the Environment Maintains records of wells drilled in Ontario.

The information should include the date of well drilling, the depth, the diameter, the location, the recommended pumping rate and the recommended pump settings.

The well cap should be 12" above the ground, although older systems may have the cap buried.

The well pump and piping should be inspected to ensure that it is in good condition. There should be a buffer of grass around the well, a minimum of 4’.

Cottage Dock at the Lake

Hopefully the previous owners did not plant a tree on top of the system. There should be no cracks in the casing should be visible and the ground should slope away from the well.

A quick check! Look in the faucet strainer... do you see grit or sand? This 'may' indicate a problem with the well screen. The pressure tank should read between 40 and 60 psi on the gauge on the tank. Running the water for a bit should not start the pump, this is set to go off once a certain pressure is reached.

Your home and cottage inspector should go over this with you during the inspection process.

OK, if this is an older cottage was there another well?

These must be decommissioned (plugged) by a licensed contractor. Ensure that the owner is asked if there is an abandoned well and if has been decommissioned.

If you have any doubt call in a certified MOE licensed contractor to review and inspect the well.

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