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I want you to be able to find the property you love.

There are so many lakes, cottage and homes listed throughout the Haliburton region. I provide an honest, effective and personal approach to helping you find your cottage anywhere in the Highlands.

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If you're searching the Haliburton Cottage market to buy your home, cottage or a luxury property would you like a guide?

I would love to help you.

Some of the finest luxury waterfront cottages and homes can be found on lakes such as Kennisis Lake, Redstone Lake, Lipsy Lake and Soyers Lake, to name a few.

Our lakes are crystal clear and clean.

No matter if you are looking for cottages for sale anywhere in the Highlands, there is a cottage or waterfront home that is perfectly suited to your needs.

I can find YOUR PERFECT COTTAGE or dream home in Haliburton.

Covering Haliburton Cottages for Sale all these lakes!

Allen Lake
Bat Lake
Bear Lake
Beech Lake
Benoir Lake
Big Hawk Lake
Bitter Lake
Blue Hawk Lake
Bob Lake
Boshkung Lake
Bushwolf Lake
Canning Lake
Clement Lake
Contau Lake
Cope Lake
Cranberry Lake
Drag Lake
Eagle Lake
Esson Lake
Fletcher Lake
Glamor Lake
Gull Lake
Haliburton Lake
Halls Lake
Herb Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Kabakwa Lake
Kawagama Lake
Kennisis Lake
Kushog Lake
Lake Kashagawigamog
Little Bob Lake
Little Glamour Lake
Little Hawk Lake
Little Redstone Lake
Long Lake
Lorraine Lake
Maple Lake
Minnicock Lake
Miskwabi Lake
Monrock Lake
Moore Lake
Moose Lake
Mountain Lake
North Pigeon Lake
Otter Lake
Pelaw lake
Pigeon Lake
Red Pine Lake
Redstone Lake
Salerno Lake
Saskatchewan Lake
Skin Lake (Lower Fletcher Lake)
South Bay
South Lake
St. Nora Lake
Stormy Lake
Wolf Lake
Wren Lake

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