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Rideau Lakes

Rideau Lakes Fractional Cottages, they are springing up everywhere in various developments and styles. The usual ownership model involves becoming part of a Not-for Profit corporation that owns title to the lands and buildings.

Each owner has their respective ownership weeks, usually five, and is required to pay their normal operating expenses.

These expenses will include care of the lands, property maintenance and other expenses as required and dependant on the Fractional development.

The Cottage Club.com utilizes the fractional ownership expertise of Canadian Waters Vacations Inc.

This company is creating an alternative to the developments and bringing co-ownership to a new level.

The Aim- is to provide an opportunity to bring families together through the joining of forces sharing the costs of buying a property, which is increasingly becoming less affordable

The Vision- Is to create cottage and vacation home ownership opportunities for as many families as possible. Increasing family vacation opportunities tremendously!

The Mission- is to create an alternative to whole ownership and fractional developments to a smart form of ownership,perhaps as a real estate investment and increase the awareness of the benefits of a co-ownership system.

This Fractional Ownership Program has the benefits of:


Select Existing Waterfront Properties

4 Ownerships Created - 13 Weeks a Year

Fully Furnished and Maintained

Created anywhere, the best lakes the best properties

Cost Effective, a better way to purchase

Rental Program, Cottage Club Exchange, Global Exchange

Shared Expenses reduces the cost of ownership

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3276 MacDonald Island Road

3276 Macdonald Island Road Big Rideau Lake

1000 ISLANDS/ St. Lawrence River
1473 North Shore Road Kingston

1473 Shore Road Kingston

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