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From Charleston, through the Rideau system and through into the Land-o-Lakes north of Kingston...

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You get all Rideau Real Estate Listings on the Following Lakes...

Adam Lake
Big Rideau Lake
Charleston Lake
Christie lake
Clear Lake
Cranberry Lake
Crosby Lake
Dog lake
Gananoque Lake
Loughborough Lake
Lower Beverley
Mill Pond Conservation Area
Newboro Lake
Opinicon Lake
Upper Rideau Lake
Otter Lake
Otty Lake
Sand Lake
Troy Lake
The Rideau River
Upper Rideau Lake
Westport Sand Lake
Whitefish Lake
Loon lake

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The Rideau Real Estate, Rideau River and Rideau Lakes Townshipis located in Eastern Ontario from Ottawa though Kingston.

This historic area boasts huge variety of recreational activities. From exploring Ottawa and the Rideau Canal, fantastic boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, fantastic golf courses, hidden villages, restaurants and so much more.

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The Rideau Canal

Beginning at the Ottawa River and reaching through Ottawa, the Rideau Canal spans 202 kilometers (125 miles) and includes the sections of the Rideau and Cataraqui rivers, as well as numerous pristine lakes.

The Rideau Lakes are part of the oldest continually operated (still by hand) canal system in North America. It was originally constructed as a supply route in case of American attack (conceived after the war of 1812) and opened in 1832.

Out of the wilderness of lakes, rivers and swamps men dug and dammed sections from Ottawa to Kingston and to the St. Lawrence River and The Thousand Islands.

There are a total of 47 locks and 52 dams creating a 202 km stretch of boaters paradise.

A Boater's Dream Come True!

In the warmer months, boaters from small fishing boats to luxury cruisers (up to 90 feet in length and 22 feet in height) owners enjoy cruising the Rideau Canal.

Boat tours are also offered along the Rideau Canal in the city of Ottawa and on the Big Rideau. Many recreational boaters making use of the canal between Ottawa and Kingston navigating the canal with ease.

Rideau Real Estate and the Area Lakes

There are numerous lakes in the area and you are close to many towns.

This area is only about an hour from Ottawa, 3 hours from Toronto and only a short drive from Kingston.

The area is Canadian Shield with granite cliffs, pines and hardwoods ensuring a beautiful and colorful fall. The fishing in these lakes and the river system is fantastic!

Lake trout, bass, pike, walleye in areas as well as world class Musky fishing in the lower section towards Ottawa.

Rideau Lakes Township

The Township of Rideau Lakes is located south of Ottawa and north of Kingston. The beautiful Rideau Lakes area is made up of numerous scenic and attractive villages including Westport, Chaffeys Locks, Chantry Crosby, Elgin, Jones Falls, and Morton.

Boasting a wide variety of recreational activities, the Rideau Lakes area offers fantastic boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, beautiful golf courses and so much more.

Supporting the lake and watershed, The Big Rideau Lake Association helps home and cottage owners with environmental, recreational and governmental affairs coupled with lake safety.

If you are making lake or waterfront living your priority, consider this search system for Rideau Real Estate. Many would be buyers place buying a Rideau Lakes cottage or home at the top of this areas house hunting list!

The Rideau Real Estate Area of Ontario

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TheCottageClub is dedicated to everything about our Ontario Cottage and waterfront. Not limiting this site to real estate and sales, this will continually expand to include business and tourism directories catering to cottage and family vacations.

This page covering the Rideau Real Estate covers the Rideau Lakes Cottages and surrounding area also can also cover the lakes and areas of Adam Lake, Big Rideau Lake, Charleston Lake, Christie lake, Clear Lake, Cranberry Lake, Crosby Lake, Dog lake, Gananoque Lake, Graham Lake, Lower Beverly, Mill Pond Conservation Area, Newboro Lake, Opinicon Lake, Upper Rideau Lake, Otter Lake, Otty Lake, Sand Lake, Troy Lake, The Rideau River, Westport Sand Lake, Whitefish Lake, Crowe River and Loon lake

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