Luxury Cottage Co-ownership

A New Opportunity in Cottage Ownership!

Luxury Cottage Co-Ownership of High End
Cottages up to $650,000

The Cottage Club Cottage Co-Ownership System is designed to make cottage ownership affordable, practical and convenient.

Cottages For Sale An affordable and unique real estate program designed to create multiple family holiday opportunities while offering true cottage ownership.

This is family cottage ownership of select existing, waterfront properties in multiple and select vacation areas in Ontario.

NEW! Mortgaged Ownership!

We are creating three mortgaged co-owned properties this year. At this time we are operating in the 613 area code covering the majority of Eastern Ontario.

The area for the first three properties is the Lake District triangle between Brockville, Kingston and Sharbot Lake.

Pricing Example-NOTE: Numbers are for a BASIC Explanation and Will be Revised Depending on The Property.

Quarter Share Cottage Purchase
Down Payment for Purchase     $82,203
Includes Downpayment, New Furnishings, Improvements and
Fees for the Property Progam      
Plus: Reserve Fund 15%   $24,375
Owners Insurance Fund      
Total Required Down Payment and Costs     $106,578
Monthly Fees and Expenses
Monthly Fraction Mortgage Payment     $1,023
Two Year Mortgage, 1/4 of the Mortgage Costs
Monthly Fraction Property Expenses     $695
The Total Cost of Heat, Hydro and The Care of the Property  
Total Monthly Expenses Per Quarter Ownership   $1,718

This is Being Offered at Pre-Purchase Pricing and Pre-Investor Funding.

Upon the completion of the property purchase the remaining unsold share pricing will increase a minimum of 10%

For More Information fill out the form below.

Upon submission you will be provided a target property example on the Rideau System.

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