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Fractional Cottage Ownership Ontario

Fractional Ownership is a term describing the sharing of an asset.

This industry is expanding globally and the choices are getting greater all the time. Other fractional ownership programs include jet planes, an RV, yaughts, cars or for the ladies even designer handbags.

Globally, there are a variety of names to this kind of ownership. Other forms include destination clubs, vacation clubs and private residence clubs.

Is sharing a cottage an option?

For this style of ownership of a Cottage in Ontario, you are sharing the real estate asset with other families. You may not know any of them, or may know all of them. It is really how the management company has set up the program.

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Is A Cottage Fractional Ownership a Timeshare?

There is only one similarity!

You share weeks of property time with others, that's it! It is how the usage is equally divided up.

You own the time but you also own a share of the property and buildings. Legally in Ontario, this is referred to as a timeshare. you need to make a comparison of this program.

  • Do you own the property?...Yes

  • Are you sharing time?...Yes

  • Is the property value increasing over time?...Yes.

  • Can you sell your interest?...Yes.

If you think about it, this may be a new way of owning a property but it's been going on for years. This ownership structure allows families, who may not, or cannot, find families and friends to share cottage ownership.

In fractional ownership properties, your vacation home is shared by a number of families, you have equity sharing, get an ownership interest, and pay only a quarter of the expenses to run the property.

Through this structured ownership model, you occupy the property based on your ownership rights.

The management company takes care of the property maintenance, ensures the bills are paid to ensure that your vacation home is trouble free.

Sharing a cottage is for busy working families that don't have the time to look after a property, or cannot justify the expense. You are guaranteed multiple weeks of usage and a vacation home or cottage you can call you own. For families that are considering buying a cottage and are unsure about the high prices this may be a great way to afford a far more substantial property.

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