Gray Water Systems at the Cottage

Cottage properties of a more rustic nature, quite often will have gray water systems.

The way cottages used to be, with an outhouse and this disposal system are still quite common in Ontario.

Many of these lakeside retreats are being grabbed up and torn down to rebuild a modern getaway.

Cottage by the Lake

Gray water is water waste that is from your shower, bathroom sink and laundry. Black water is from the toilet, kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Gray water falls under a different set of rules in Ontario and many other areas. This waste contains far less pollutants than Black water.

A normal septic system will combine both grey water and black water for treatment in the tile bed and filter material.

A grey water system can be disposed of in what is referred to as a Class 2 system or a leaching pit.

This system is regulated and the Ontario Building Code addressed the requirements for the installation of such as system.

Check with the local municipality for further information.

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