Cottage Septic Systems and Cottage Country Living

Do you know where it goes when you flush the toilet?

Ontario cottage septic systems for cottages and waterfront properties fall under the classes listed below. If you are happy with an outhouse great!

Keep in mind your future plans though, if you are planning on rebuilding do your homework in regards to the system that may be required.

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When looking at properties you will find a few different ways of...going when nature calls, and how your kitchen water or gray water is disposed of.

The following is a list of classifications from the Building Code to give you a better understanding of the systems and rules.

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Sanitary sewage is defined as liquid or water borne waste of industrial or commercial origin, or of domestic origin, including human body waste, toilet or other bathroom waste, and shower, tub, culinary, sink and laundry waste.

Classifications of Private Sewage Systems

Class 1 - a chemical toilet, an incinerating toilet, a recirculating toilet, a self-contained portable toilet and all forms of privy including a portable privy, an earth pit privy, a pail privy, a privy vault and a composting toilet system.

Class 2 - a grey water or leaching pitor,

Class 3 - a cesspool,

Class 4 - a leaching bed system (Septic System)

Class 5 - a system that requires or uses a holding tank for the retention of hauled sewage at the site where it is produced prior to its collection by a hauled sewage system.

The Building Code Act requires that any person installing or repairing a Class 2,3,4 or 5 sewage system obtain a permit issued by the Chief Building Official prior to commencing.

Ask questions about the system and consider your future plans. If you are considering expanding or improving the property, check your survey information, municipal laws and with your lawyer to ensure your future plans will be allowed.

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